The Positive Effects of the Interactive White Board in Toronto Offices

Interactive White Board: Is it Working in Toronto?

The latest generation of interactive white boards can revolutionize the way your company does business. Toronto firms that specialize in finding effective solutions for business emphasize that "smart boards” offer the greatest opportunity to accelerate collaboration.
Interactive white boards, or IWBs, have become extremely popular in educational, media, and corporate settings. Since a majority of people are visual learners, an interactive display is a much more effective way of sharing information than the outdatedconference call. And with smart boards that allow all participants to be fully involved in the process – no matter where they may be located – the IWB has become one of the most important business tools available to companies with stakeholders in more than one location.

The Smart Board Advantage

A traditional interactive white board connects to a computer and displays whatever files or program the user would like to share. This capability makes an IWB a perfect tool for teaching, and many students are familiar with lessons delivered this way. The current generation of smart board technology allows several users to be connected at once. This means that every participant at a meeting can see, hear, and annotate a document or file in real time.
This type of ability connects people effectively, regardless of whether they are seven employees gathered in your company's boardroom, or whether two are in the boardroom, three are working from home, one is in another province, and one is thousands of miles away at the company's overseas plant. Each participant has access to the smart board and can participate fully in the meeting. Employees, clients, board members, or suppliers can connect via another smart board, a PC, or an iPad. A smart board has the ability to capture annotations, so all notes from the meeting can be emailed or printed for participants or supervisors.

Effective Communication

Smart boards are just part of an integrated communications and collaboration strategy. Great communication has obvious benefits for your company's bottom line. These might include:
  • Efficient problem solving. When all concerned have clarity around the issue and are able to strategize in real time, solutions tend to come more quickly and be more effective.
  • Enhancing relationship building. Ease of communication helps to strengthen business relationships and teambuilding.
  • Sparking innovation. When people are able to meet easily and regularly, an atmosphere that fosters creativity is generated. Fresh and inventive ideas for your enterprise can arise.
And, while communications technology will require an initial investment, your company will realize significant savings in travel and accommodation. Less travel for employees may make it easier for them to achieve a work/home balance, and will result in more hours of productive work time, rather than "down” time in airports or hotels. Collaborative tools can also make it possible for employees to work from home part of the time, an attractive option for many people.
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